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Cat Hair Pin // Bun Holder // Whiskers Hair Slide

Cat Hair Pin // Bun Holder // Whiskers Hair Slide

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A handmade cat face complete with whiskers for your hair.

One night, in a futile attempt to sleep on a hot summer night, I saw a vision of a hair slide that was a cat, with the pin going through as the middle whisker. I groggily crawled out of bed to sketch it so I wouldn't forget, and then fell fast asleep. The next day I saw the drawing, and immediately made the prototype.

The resulting product is a large but lightweight hammered cat head outline that I first made in sterling silver and then had cast in solid brass, which I then hammered and finish. It has a slight curve to it, to sit comfortably on a half twist, or whole twist up, and is slightly malleable so you can mold it against your hair. The thick hammered brass pin goes over one side of the cat, under your hair, and then up over the other side. Two small indentations keep the stick in between its whisker friends. visual instructions included.

WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE BETTER. A Rachel Pfeffer original- should you ever see another, it's a knock off!

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